Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bridal Shower Favor Meets Newest Shopping Buddy!

Admittedly my bridal shower is coming up in another month,  so I have it on my mind. Today's wedding post steps away from real weddings and is dedicated to another amazing favor idea that I recently discovered and also had the pleasure of receiving! It's perfect to give as a "thank you" for a wedding, bridal shower or even a bachelorette party. This fabulous little guide designed by GGRS Concepts is your answer to any gift giving dilemma when shopping for a friend, hubby, boyfriend, brother, sister, cousin, mom, and everyone else on your list! I'm a big believer in giving personal gifts, so I like that this little shopping companion will be able to help anyone do just that.
Each 3" x 4.5" pocket guide contains 24 pages of information and can easily slip right into your purse! The guides are very comprehensive so you will always have a large variety of gift ideas at their fingertips. Seriously this guide has everything; right down to whether you prefer pointy or round toe shoes or your favorite fragrance. Genius! I need to get one for my hubby-to-be ASAP! I'm pretty sure your girlfriends will thank you if you give the guide as a "thank you" at your next party. No more gifts from their hubbies that made an educated "guess" at the size or style. I see fantastic gifts in everyone's future!

As a special "thank you" to all of my fabulously chic readers, GGRS Concepts is offering 25% of any order placed from June 15th - June 30th, when you use promo code: chicdeal. Yay! They also offer free shipping everyday, which I love!
{Say hello to chic gal Alissa of GGRS Concepts}

Alissa is the creative genius behind this perfect shopping companion. Alissa thought of the concept about 10 years ago when she was in the retail field and found herself in many situations where she was making an educated "guess" at a women's size as the husband or boyfriend tried to explain that "she was somewhere between a 2 and a 14". She couldn't get the guide started right away, but held onto the idea and a few years down the road when Alissa was a newlywed, she was able to develop it. I'm so glad that she did!
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If you are interested in using these lovely shopping companions for party favors for weddings/bridal showers/party, you can email Alissa at She's happy to put together an individual quote for the quantity of guides and also personalized packages.


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  1. Hey, I really like these gift guides--what a great gift idea!! Thanks for sharing, Lindsay! Oh, and I LOVE your jewelry too! I'm a new fan!


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